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Individual Income Tax

Welcome to the City of Mansfield’s online tax preparation wizard! This wizard was designed to provide an easy way for you to prepare your taxes. Your Mansfield city income tax return will now be prepared for you in a few simple steps!
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Salaries and Wages (W-2)

If taxes paid to other cities, attach other cities’ returns
  Employer City State Zip Income From Each W-2 Mansfield Tax Withheld Other City Tax Withheld
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Schedule C

Attach copy of federal schedule C
  Business Name Street City State Zip Net Profit / Loss Allocation %
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Schedule E

Attach Federal Schedule E

Schedule O

Other Income Not Included in Schedules C or E (Attach Federal Schedules) - Income from Partnerships, Estates, Trusts, Fees, Tips, 1099's, etc.
  Received from Name/ID# For (Description and/or Location) Amount
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Note: The net loss from an unincorporated business activity may not be used to offset salaries, wages, commissions or other compensation (W-2 statement). However, if a taxpayer is engaged in two or more taxable business activities to be included on the same return, the net loss of one unincorporated business activity may be used to offset the profits of another for purposes of arriving at overall net profits. Other income (Line 4) cannot be less than zero, if you have W-2 income.

Adjustments to Income

Part year residence, credits for taxpayers 65 and older, income not subject to tax, etc.
  Explanation Deductions
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If you turn 65 during the year and had W-2 income during the year then you are allowed to reduce your wage amount shown on the W-2 form by $2,500.00.

If you turn age 65 during the year and have rental income that is subject to the Mansfield income tax, and if such income comprises the taxpayer's total income subject to taxation you can exclude up to $6,350.00 annually.

Estimated Tax Payments & Credits

Estimated tax payments and/or prior year credits.
Prior Year Carryover Loss
Taxes paid to other cities for income included in worksheet B (Schedule C, Schedule E and Schedule O). A max of 1% of the total other income will be taken into consideration.
Taxes you may owe or receive: $0.00

Overpayment Claimed

To Be Refunded
Credited To Next Year

Estimated Taxes

Total estimated income subject to tax
Estimated credits (tax withheld, paid by partnership, paid to other cities)
Note: Estimated taxes are required per the Mansfield Codified Ordinance.

Section 193.07 of Mansfield Codified Ordinance states: Every person who anticipates a taxable income which is not subject to withholding of income tax or who engages in any business, profession, or activity subject to Mansfield taxation shall file and pay estimated tax as long as the tax amount expected to owe is $200.00 or more. After applicable credits. Such payments are due on April 18, June 15, September 15 and January 15.

Disclaimer: Definitions and Instructions are illustrative only. Chapter 193 of the Mansfield Codified Ordinance supersedes any interpretation presented.

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Note: The phone number of the preparer and the date the return was prepared must be provided even if the return was prepared by an individual.
Attachments Required With All Returns: W-2's and Federal Schedules